Stewart Hearn Chelsea Barracks Westminster Glassware 2020

Stewart Hearn in his Chatteris studio. Video by Wailing Banshee 2017

Stewart Hearn making a Rianbow Rim Vase in his Chatteris studio. Video copyright 2017 National Trust

Stewart Hearn Interview 2012, video produced 2020.  Video copyright 2020 Nick Hand

Stewart Hearn in 'The Power of Making'.  Video copyright Crafts Council UK and The V&A

Stewart Hearn (2013) in his gallery, talking about his work - the ‘new’ Fenland Lamps.  Video by 20TwentyProductions

Treasure Hunt–Anneka Rice–Scottish Borders (series 6, 1988). See if you can recognise Stewart in the green tee shirt @ 35 minutes 40 seconds. He was assistant to David Kaplan & Annica Sandstrom, at Lindean Mill Glass, Scotland