Saturn Plates

Stewart Hearn is a master of the Venetian glassmaking technique 'Encalmo', which involves joining two separately blown bubbles.
Hearn’s Saturn plates incorporate two joins and six different colours; carefully chosen for their aesthetic qualities as well as their malleability.
The colours are selected so that they stretch together once assembled, can slightly bleed into one another (creating even more ‘rings) and are neither too light nor too dark in the finished design.
Stewart Hearn’s signature is stamped on these stunning pieces; his considered selection of pure and simple forms incorporates colour as integral decoration and portray his love for the craft and material.
The plates are functional but can also be wall mounted or displayed on the supplied plate stand.  ‘Looking superb on a wall or with the light shining through them in a window (a bit like a stained glass window) - you get two plates for the price of one.’
Material: Handblown Glass
Edition: Unique pieces