Oval Encalmo Bowls

Of all the Stewart Hearn works the Oval Encalmo bowls are the most popular. It is the clarity of this design that allows for the piece to be appreciated both as a decorative object and as a functional item and much enjoyment is derived from this piece in both capacities.
The simplicity of form and colour of the Oval Encalmo bowls disguise a very complicated glass blowing technique. Originating in Italy, the Encalmo technique involves joining together two separately blown bubbles giving a distinct definition where the two meet. The composure of this piece is testiment to Stewart Hearn’s glassblowing skill and ability.
With a range of colour combinations to choose from, the Encalmo bowls can be adapted to suit your personal taste and living space. Such a versatile piece, the Encalmo bowl is the obvious gift choice.
Material: Handblown Glass