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There's always a good reason to share a piece of cake with a friend....

And even more so, serving it on this fabulous cake dome that Stewart's made.

Part of our stellar range of products, its classic, clean lines with coloured bubble knob make a statement on your table, while presenting your cake professionally and keeping it super fresh!

Only 5 more available in Cobalt, Rose and Turquoise coloured bubbles.  Please buy now to avoid the disappointment of us not being able to make any more.

Stewart Hearn Hand Glassblower Stunning Cake Dome

For more information on buying this beautiful cake dome, (which comes with the board included), please phone 01354 278 084 or email us at [email protected]

Dimensions: Diameter Wooden base 30cm, Diameter Glass Dome 27cm, Height total 28cm, Height Glass Dome (excl knob) 21.5cm Weight 2.8 kg. Price includes free delivery - £210