Chrysalis - Unique Slate Piece

Based on rock and ice structures and what may be hidden within ...
The main body is furnace worked solid glass which holds an unusual, strange and intriguing object inside. Hidden, like a chrysalis at the beginning of its process.
Meticulously and meaningfully created with regards to shape, intensity of colour and decoration, this inner inclusion is coated with several gathers of clear glass which create a space in which the element is suspended.
It is obscured because the hot clear glass is then pressed onto rock to create its own unique undulations which amazingly remain bright and shiny.
After several days when the glass has cooled, 'portholes' are carved out and polished.
Each artist creates and reveals part of themselves. Using these lenses I am able to be very specific about what is allowed to be seen.
The rest remains slightly hidden behind the obscuring exterior surface.
Material:Furnace-worked solid glass