Beehive Pendants

These intriguingly named hand blown glass beehive pendant lights are a joy in any modern or classic interior, fitting perfectly into a lounge, landing or kitchen space.
Why the name beehive you may ask? Stewart is always aware of nature around him, and at the time he was making these pendants it was mid-summer and bees were swarming in the hot glassblowing workshop. The name of these pendants is his tribute to these struggling tenacious insects.
Stewart is working with a carefully selected range of 6 opal colours (bright without dazzling) having a unique unrepeatable white threaded trail winding around the surface of each glass piece, and an accent coloured turquoise rim to finish the design.
Taller ceiling heights can accommodate the stunning triple pendant which is available in any colour combination.
The opal colour palette creates a transcending warmth and emanating glow as it fades from the top to the bottom of each pendant, subtly changing when lit or unlit just as light does from dawn to dusk…..